What is Relocation ?

Why help corporate families make an easier transition into their new environment ?

Because international assignments represent a significant cost, we help our clients:

  •     Improve relocation acceptance rates, by decreasing "premature" returns.
  •     Increase employee effectiveness in the host country
  •     Enhance employee motivation, which results in lower turnover rates
  •     Improve costs savings when relocating (hotel & travel costs, negociated real-estate prices, etc)
  •     Free up HR resources, and generally optimize the overall allocation of internal capabilities

Our Destination Services programs are designed to help the expatriate family becoming acquainted with its new environment.











Destination Services

Our main destination services

Arrival Services

Prior to the arrival of the family

Using the information on preferences given on the RASTELLI Relocation Form, and conversations with the expatriate family, the RASTELLI relocation consultant will make a selection of suitable appartments, schools, arrange an itinerary, etc. as appropriate.


Geographic orientation

The RASTELLI consultant gives the family a tour of the area indicating for each neighborhood the availability and type of transportation, schools, town business, shopping areas, sports complexes, leisure activities, clubs, etc...













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Housing assistance

The RASTELLI consultant assists the transferee in locating housing in the new area. This assistance includes, but is not limited to, a preview by the consultant of all properties in the area which meet the requirements of the transferee, expectation-setting as to the types of housing available in the area and the actual house search with the transferee and family.


Lease assistance

The RASTELLI consultant organizes the appointment for the signing of the lease and reviews the contract, explaining all the clauses and their implication.


Inspection in assistance

The RASTELLI consultant assists with the incoming and/or outgoing survey inspection-in of the property.


Utilities assistance

The RASTELLI consultant organizes the subscriptions to all utilities, including water, gas and electricity. The consultant also handles the installation of the telephone, obtains cable/sat television, plus any other desired subscriptions.


Equipment / Furniture assistance

The RASTELLI consultant assists the family with evaluating its equipment and furnishing needs, as well as arranging for the possible cleaning of the housing that is left. The consultant advises the family in obtaining estimates and making appropriate purchases.


Bank & Insurance assistance

The RASTELLI consultant assists the family with opening bank accounts and handles all necessary insurance policies - advising which ones are mandatory and which ones are voluntary, as well as making recommendations concerning the extent of coverage required in the location











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The RASTELLI consultant introduces the family to the educational system, to public and private schools available in the location selected, and the special schools (international and bilingual schools, schools for handicapped children, etc).

The RASTELLI consultant assists the family in choosing appropriate schools and arranges interviews with the headmasters.

Once the family has made its choice, the consultant organizes enrollment in the chosen school.












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Administrative assistance

Administrative assistance

RASTELLI CONSULT helps the family with the formalities for obtaining work and residence permits, any required visas and accompanies the family for all appointments required in this process.

RASTELLI CONSULT gathers and checks all the necessary documents to file the application for the family.

The RASTELLI consultant takes the family to the department concerned to obtain their papers.

RASTELLI CONSULTmanages and follows up the file until delivery of official documents.

RASTELLI CONSULT also sort out your health care and social security enrolment













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Practical aspects of life

Practical aspects of life

The RASTELLI consultant provides information on cultural and sporting activities available in the area, on welcome services for expats, on churches and language schools.

The RASTELLI consultant shows the family around their new residence and introduces them to :

• The major government services

• Services available through the Town hall

• The Post Office and its use

• Telephone, bilingual communication systems

• Public transportation, advantages and fares

• Driving customs

• Local medical system, nearest hospitals, physicians and specialists, bilingual doctors

• Emergency services

• Security measures

• Local business, shops, supermarkets

• Alternative products and foods found locally












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Moving assistance

Moving assistance

RASTELLI CONSULT requests you the best moving quotes with different companies.

As a neutral and independent relocation company, we can offer you all the services at a good negotiable price for your move.

Upon arrival, we follow up your move as it proceeds.












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Departure services

Lease cancellation

The RASTELLI consultant cancels the lease within the set time frame, assisting the transferee and family in the recovery of any deposits made, and in returning keys to the property owner.


Utilities cancellation

The RASTELLI consultant cancels all utilities to which the transferee and family have subscribed, including water, gas, electricity, telephone, cable and television. The consultant also takes care of forwarding all mail to the new address.


Bank account cancellation

The RASTELLI consultant provides assistance with the closing of all bank accounts opened, accompanying the transferee to the bank when necessary.


Insurance policy cancellation

The RASTELLI consultant provides assistance for the cancellation of all insurance policies purchased by the transferee.


Unregistering with local authorities

RASTELLI CONSULT processes all the necessary files to register the departure with local legal and tax authorities, when needed.











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Cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural training

RASTELLI CONSULT, along with our cross-cultural partner DFA Group, is pleased to offer our clients a variety of cross cultural training courses that provide expatriates and business professionals with the knowledge and competencies to live and work successfully across cultural lines.


Thriving in ...

(or one of 50 other possible cultures)

This one day program, targeted to the individual family, will provide all expatriate employees and their spouses/partners and children with the critical information to thrive, not just survive. The skills needed to complete these tasks successfully are not innate. Cross-cultural training can provide the missing competencies and knowledge to fill the gap. A customized, one-on-one program can ensure the needs of the expatriates are met before they depart on assignment.


As a result of this program, participants will:

• Gain insight into key cultural similarities and differences between their individual style and that of their counterparts

• Learn to accurately "read" their international counterparts' behavior and understand the "why" behind their actions;

Develop the ability to adapt their leadership, communication, and work style to be successful in the new cultural environment

• Obtain valuable information about living, including social/business protocol and etiquette

• Build confidence to be better prepared to take on challenging cross-cultural situations which are a mystery prior to training

• Address the issues surrounding cultural adaptation and family adjustment



Mini-presentations, cross-cultural audit, "Stages of Adjustment" curve, lifestyle checklist, critical incidents/ caselettes, simulations, and action planning.



All Expatriate/Inpatriate Employees, Spouses/Partners, Children


Conducting Business across Europe

(or up to 50 other possible target cultures or regions)

This one- to two- day business training program, targeted to small groups of professionals, will equip participants with the core skills to conduct business seamlessly across pre-selected European countries. Most employees have the technical competence to achieve their bottom-line goals involving operations, training, technology transfer or other functional responsibilities, as business travelers or corporate-based personnel. We complete the picture by increasing their knowledge base in the area of cultural business approaches for each European area.



As a result of this program, participants will:

• Gain insight into key cultural similarities & differences between their individual style and that of each European country with which they work

• Learn to accurately “read” their international counterparts’ behavior and understand the “why” behind their actions;

Develop the competency to adjust their individual style to maximize effectives when working in a variety of European business settings

• Simulate the kinds of scenes and situations they are likely to encounter in business interactions in each European country

• Modify the implementation of their job description, based on cultural factors.


Mini-presentations, cross-cultural audit, critical incidents/caselettes, small-group work, simulations and action planning.



Senior Management, Global Leaders, Sales Representatives, Human Resource Managers, International Departments, Members of Cross-cultural Teams



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Family Support

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Spouse career development

Sometimes relocation of employees are only successful if their spouse can find an adequate career in the new country.

RASTELLI CONSULT identifies the needs of your spouse and puts her in contact with our business partner Lee Hecht Harrison, specialized in outplacement and career development.












Expat Assessment

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Expat Assessments

We provide flexible HR tools and services for selecting and developing people. At every stage of the employment lifecycle, our award-winning team can offer scientifically grounded assessments and expert advice.

We know every organisation is different, so we work hand in hand with clients to design and deliver solutions with the perfect fit.


Many international organizations work with expats. RASTELLI CONSULT has developed a new service to gain insight into the construction and 'readiness' of a candidate as an expat in a new culture to work and live and also to prepare for expatriation to a specific culture .


Organizations invest a lot of expats on average 2 to 3 times as much as in a similar function in their homeland. Ideally, this investment provides much value. Often enough, however, it happens that expats come back early , did not prove effective in building good working relationships or do not achieve the goals they have set . Besides having the right knowledge and functional expertise , its effectiveness in working in another culture and to build strong working relationships here is crucial for success . Therefore, the assessment focuses precisely on this.



How do we work :


The first facet, the selection of a future expat, resulting in an advice on the suitability of a person to work as an expat. The focus of the assessment is a generic expat competency. Included herein are competencies that are important for success in working in a different culture. These are skills such as flexibility, stress tolerance, openness to ideas and interpersonal sensitivity. Also the motivation, commitment and expectations to be examined. All this is examined by personality research, interviews and role play.


Preparing for expatriation

The second facet of the assessment, preparing for expatriation is achieved mainly by increasing understanding of culture, cultural differences and the expected impact on the individual. The participant gets preparatory assignments here and will enter into discussions during the assessment of the results of these projects and further increase his / her understanding and awareness of their own personality and motivations. By focusing on this, and also the differences and similarities between their own culture and the new culture will be better able to recognize cultural rules and anticipate challenges. In addition, prepared a development plan to take that increase'readiness' and the expected success of the expat steps.


Selection and partner of preparation

When the future expat has a partner, it also gets a role in the assessment. A good adaptation of the partner and satisfaction with the situation has been very good influence on the likelihood that the expatriation is completed. He or she will also participate in a personality test and a conversation with a consultant . The extent to which the partner , but also the family or the relationship is ready for expatriation are key .


Rastelli Consult is an international consulting firm . We work with an extensive network of partner organizations in countries including USA, Maleysia, South Africa , Russia , India, China and Brazil . We involve our assessments expat colleagues from the culture in which the participant is going to be broadcast .